Introduction and Welcome

Unto the people who read these words, do we, Jean & Guillaine, Baron and Baroness Borealis, send our warmest regards and welcome to the Barony of Borealis.

The Society for Creative Anachronisms is a historical recreation society dedicated to recreating aspects of everyday life in Europe before the 1650’s. Our group, The Barony of Borealis, encompasses the city of Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding lands, and we are part of the Kingdom of Avacal (Alberta, Saskatchewan and the Peace Region area of BC). Avacal is one of the 20 SCA Kingdoms that cover the world.

In our group, we practice martial activities like armoured combat, rapier combat, archery and siege weapons. We practice the arts and sciences of the Middle Ages like blacksmithing, embroidery, cooking, pottery, woodworking and costuming, and these are only a few of the skills that people research and practice locally. We practice the performing arts such as dancing, singing and poetry. We also have our youth activities including youth combat for ages 6 to 16 and classes appropriate for children.

We bring our skills and our interests together in classes, at practices and to events where we celebrate our love of the Middle Ages. Everyone is welcome to come and join in, so we would like to invite you to come to see what we are about.

We look forward to meeting you.


Jean & Guillaine

Baron & Baroness Borealis



Notice of Baronial Polling

His Excellency Jean de Chauliac and Her Excellency Guillaine de Gualle have served as Baron and Baroness of Borealis for almost two years. They are willing to serve another two-year term. By Avacal law, Their Majesties must determine if continuing the leadership of HE Jean and HE Guillaine is in the best interest of our Barony.

Under normal circumstances this would be done by in-person polling. Due to current restrictions Their Majesties have agreed that the polling will be done by email and regular mail. Email is probably more convenient; regular mail offers better anonymity.

Their Majesties would like to receive input from as many members of Borealis’ populace as possible. Please, everyone, take the time to send a short message like “I am satisfied with TE Jean and Guillaine’s leadership” or “It’s time for a change in leadership”. Longer, more detailed messages are also helpful.

  • Please include your membership number and expiry date to ensure there is only one response per member.
  • Their Majesties would like to receive these responses from May 25 to May 28.
  • Send email to, with “Borealis polling” in the subject line.
  • The mailing address of Their Majesties is:

Trent & Christine Fehr

248n Hector Cres.

Regina, Sask.

S4Y 1C3