Lordship Beoaed O’Dalaigh and Ladyship Adelheid Holzhauer

Greetings unto Your Majesties of Avacal, King Albrecht von Rugen and Queen Munya bint Halima al-Rakkasa al-Nashita, long may you reign.

Greetings unto Your Excellencies of Borealis, Baron Reme the Burgundian and Baroness Divera Della Cava, with grace and honour has your reign been marked.

Greetings unto Your Excellency Roxanne Delaroche, renowned Seneschal of Avacal.

Greetings unto the mighty people of the Barony of Borealis, may your swords strike true and your hearts be full.

We, Beoaed O’Dalaigh and Adelheid Holzhauer do hereby submit ourselves humbly before your eminence for consideration as heirs to the coronets of the Barony of Borealis.

Our experience as greater officers and champions of the Barony and the Kingdom as well as our many years in service has prepared us well to serve in this capacity. If selected, we are ready and committed to serving the Barony with the same vigor and passion our previous leaders have demonstrated.

Is mise i Seirbhís                                im Dienst
Lordship Beoaed O’Dalaigh              Ladyship Adelheid Holzhauer
Beoaed O’Dalaigh SCA Resume       Adelheid Holzhauer SCA Resume