By Kataryna Tkach

SCA - Traditional Medieval Tenting What do I take to an SCA Camping Event?

Necessities are marked below with an * . Contact the event autocrat if you need Gold Key for clothing. Contact the food services listed on the event copy for meal plans, and if you need your own dishes.

Basic camping event list

For day trips and a personal items list for the whole weekend.
* Garb (medieval clothes) and Cloak (For the weekend or the day)
* Mundane Clothes to drive to and from the event
* Extra Socks and Underwear
* Bathing Suit & Towel (You never know when someone will bring out a hot tub)
* Toiletry supplies (and some extra Toilet paper – just in case)
* Umbrella/Raincoat (and/or cold weather clothes if appropriate)
* Extra Shoes
* Belt pouch
* Hat
Rug or Blanket to spread on the ground (for sitting on)
* Sunscreen
* Mosquito repellent
* Map
* Directions to the event site
* Money (site fees, food, and merchant tables)
Food for the day if you are only day tripping (see below for weekend cooking list)
Sunshade or day pavilion (see below for tenting list)
Sewing kit, First Aid kit and/or Repair kits (Armour repair, instrument repair, etc)
* Slow time activities (Books, needlework, chain mail making kit, knitting, music books or instruments)
* Pen and Paper (There is always something to note down – like phone numbers)
Chair (directors chairs, or camp chairs work well)
* Membership card (if you are a member)

If cooking your own meals

See the event copy about meal plans if you don’t wish to cook.
* Cooking supplies (Pots, Pans, Dishes, Cups, Utensils and spices if required)
* Cooler (if your food is perishable)
* Water (check to see if the site has potable water, bring an appropriate amount)
* Drinks (Tea, Coffee & Coffee pot/filter, Juice, etc.; check event regulations about alcohol)
* Brazier or Propane stove (check site fire regulations)
* Garbage Bag
* Matches
Portable Table
Dishwashing supplies (Dish soap, dish rag, dish towel)
Cloth (to cover cooler, chairs or anything else that seems overly out of place)


See event copy about cabins if you don’t like to tent.
* Tent (pegs, fly, ground cloth, extra rope)
Bed (air mattress)
* Lamp (Flashlight, Lantern)
* Bedding (sleeping bag, sheets, etc)
Bed curtains (if needed for privacy)
Citronella or other candles
Tools you may need to make your site better (pocket knife, rope)
Tarp & poles (To use over your cooking area as shade/umbrella -be careful to mount it high enough)

In a Cabin

Lamp (Flashlight, Lantern)
* Bedding (sleeping bag, sheets, etc)
Bed curtains (if needed for privacy)
Small broom or floor brush and dustpan (to clean out cabin afterwards)
Footstool or small ladder (to reach top bunk)
* Money to cover cabin costs

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