Events in the Barony of Borealis

Every year, the Barony of Borealis hosts three events – Winter War, Silverwolf and Yule Feast. Each event is run by members of the barony who volunteer to handle all the logistics behind such an endeavour.

Winter War

Borealis Winter WarAs the snow and cold start to retreat from our lands, the Barony of Borealis is proud to host the first war event of the Avacal event calendar – Winter War! This event often occurs in late March.

Activities you can expect to see at Winter War include rapier and armoured combat war fighting, combat archery, youth combat and a host of merchants to view and buy from. In the evening, there is a pot luck dinner, evening court and games.


New Champions for 2016The premiere event for the Barony of Borealis, Silverwolf is a weekend-long camping event often held in mid- to late June. Over the course of the weekend, there are tournaments held to determine the baronial champions of armoured combat, archery and rapier.

Other activities you can participate in during the day include arts and sciences, youth combat, family activities, merchants and general fun and merriment.

Yule Feast

Reme & DiveraJust as Christmas comes to our doors, the Barony of Borealis calls on all friends to join them for fun and celebration of their annual Yule Feast. This is the one event a year that does not have any fighting-related activities. Instead, we have several classes on different areas of the arts and sciences, crafts, more family activities and time to sit and chat with friends you may not otherwise have time to see.

Yule is also host to the baronial competitions for bardic as well as arts and sciences champions.