What do I take to an SCA feast? by Kataryna Tkach

Borealis - Feast Nights

Here’s a basic forget-me-not list for a Feast Night

Anything absolutely required (marked below with an *) can be borrowed through Gold Key, but email the autocrat of the feast before hand and mention you need Gold Key.

1) Feast gear

* Bowl/Plate (I suggest one of each)
* Mug/Glass/Tankard (or one of each if you like)
Scrap dish (a small bowl or plate which you can toss bones, shells, or the stuff you don’t like)
Cutlery (Spoon, Knife, and sometimes Fork –depending on your period/culture)
Napkin (Not required but nice to have)
Feast Basket (usually a wicker picnic basket used to hold feast gear – but anything to hold the feast gear & look medieval will do – a wooden chest, a cloth bag, a plastic bag which gets shoved in your pocket as soon as you set up)

2) Table Set up

(if you are planning to sit with an established group you only need one set up for the group)
Table Cloth (Large enough to fit tables found at a standard community hall)
Candle Holders (1 – 5 per table)
Candles (Bring extra in case the feast lasts longer than one candle)
Decanter (Not common, but nice to have to store drink for the table and easier then hiding the pop/juice bottle under the table)
Salt and/or Pepper (I’ve seen other favorite spices brought too)
Extra Napkins/Doilies (to put under candles to protect Tablecloth)

3) * Garb

(Medieval Clothes – if it’s your first feast look into getting it from Gold Key, or from friends)

4) Money

(for your site fee, to spend at merchant tables or for drinks at sites that run a bar)

5) Other Stuff

(to amuse yourself when things are slow)

Fighting Gear (if you are a fighter and there is a tourney going on that event)
Instrument / music (if you are a musician, especially if a bardic competition is going on at the event)
Needlework, knitting, tatting, etc (if you have such projects that can be easily transported)
Paper, & Pen (Because you may want it to get someone’s phone number or write a cool piece of info down)

But Above All Bring Yourself And Have A Great Time!