What is the SCA?

Champion of Heavy FightingThe Society for Creative Anachronism (or SCA) is a medieval re-creation group that started in California in the 1960’s.

Within the SCA, you can live some of the experiences of the European middle ages such as courts, feasting, tournaments, dancing and more. There are many arts and sciences you can learn, research and perform. Dancing is a group activity and requires practice to learn all the steps. Create your own device, and learn how to sing or tell stories. We encourage children and families to participate – after all, we have something for everyone to try.

Members create people who would have lived anywhere in, or had significant contact with, western European medieval nations for them to portray. These people are commonly referred to as a “persona” and cover a wide time range – up to 1601 (near the end of the reign of England’s Elizabeth I). That said, we are not a role playing game – although members create these personas to portray during gatherings, we still act very similar to our real life selves.

Where is the SCA?

Yule Feast ToastFor over 50 years, the SCA has grown to include chapters in every large and mid-sized city in North America, along with chapters in such places as England, Sweden, South Africa, Australia and Japan.

The SCA is divided into 20 geographic regions known as kingdoms, with smaller chapters located inside each one. Each local chapter and kingdom is known by a plausible medieval name. For the Edmonton Capital Region, we are known as the Barony of Borealis and we are part of the Kingdom of Avacal.

If you want to learn more about us, please visit our monthly tavern nights, or one of our local fight practices. We love meeting new people!