The Seneschal is known as the Chief Administrative Officer, and is responsible for coordinating the activities of the local group and overseeing the other officers.



Responsible for the financial affairs for the local group, including detailed records of all monetary transactions involving the barony’s funds.

Dahlia Yriansdottir

Knight Marshal

Responsible for running fight practices for armoured (or heavy) combat and rapier.

Ansgar Stonebreaker

Minister of Arrows

Responsible for target archery practices, which may include combat archery.

Lochlainn Dubhghlas

Gold Key

Responsible for maintaining a collection of clothing suitable for the middle ages, which newcomers can borrow at taverns and local events.

Coryn of the Wode

Warden of Youth Combat

Responsible for youth armoured combat practice, which is for children from ages 6 to 17. Please note: parents must still be in attendance for all youth combat practices.

Peregrine Falconer the Navigator


The Chatelaine is dedicated to helping newcomers feel welcome in the Barony of Borealis, as well as arranging public demonstrations (or demos) to educate the public about the middle ages.

Jenette wen Moryen


The herald is responsible for all heraldic activities in the barony, including voice heraldry, device heraldry and name heraldry.

Johannes Koslin

Minister of Fence

Responsible for rapier fight practices.

Mika Machiavelli

Minister of Art and Sciences

Responsible for encouraging local members to research, teach and practice historically accurate arts and sciences.

Philippe de St-Denis


Responsible for recording minutes of business meetings, publishing the newsletter, and maintaining the mailing and phone list.

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Isabel atte Grene


The scribe is responsible for writing, drawing and painting award scrolls for the Baron and Baroness to give out in Their court.



Responsible for maintaining and improving the online presence of the barony.

Kseniia Nikolaeva doch’