Lordship Robert of Clan Gunn and Lady Olena Borisova

Unto Their Majesties Albrecht and Nasheeta, Their Excellences of Borealis Reme and Divera, the Seneschals of Borealis and Avacal, and the Populace of our great Barony of Borealis do His Lordship Robert of Clan Gunn and Lady Olena Borisova send Greetings,
This letter is to serve as our intention to put our names forward for consideration as candidates for the next Baron and Baroness of the Barony of Borealis.

His Lordship Robert is well traveled, has lived and served in all three Baronies, and has served the Kingdom of Avacal in many different capacities. He has served both as Baronial and Principality officer; as well as Champion of several disciplines for Shires, Baronies, Principalities and Kingdoms. He is active in most areas of the SCA, holding Senior Marshalettes in all but Youth Combat. He was the first Equestrian Marshall and Officer in Avacal, and while he lived in Myrganwood he restarted Archery practice. In addition, he has been an event steward and assisted in different ways at many events.

Lady Olena Borisova, although not as well traveled, has worked quietly behind the scenes. She has contributed to largesse and volunteered her time at various events. She has entered Baronial Arts and Sciences competitions, and has also served as a judge at A&S Championships at the Baronial, Principality and Kingdom levels. She is an accomplished feast-steward and event steward, having organized several Yule Feasts, and has helped with numerous other feasts and events.

We are both long standing members of the Barony of Borealis. We both understand the level of commitment the honour of being Baron and Baroness entails, and have discussed the level of responsibility with past and current Barons and Baronesses. We believe we are well prepared for the journey.

If we are chosen to be the next Baron and Baroness of Borealis; we will, with honour and heart, acknowledge and accept the commitment of two years of service to the Barony of Borealis and its populace. We believe we would be fine representatives of both Borealis and Avacal, especially after having been mentored in leadership by the fine examples of Baron Reme and Baroness Divera.

Yours in service,

Lordship Robert of Clan Gunn        Lady Olena Borisova
(Robert Michael Simpson)               (Tammy Muise)