Borealis - Archery RangeArchery Practice

Wyld Archery Pro Shop & Lanes Ltd.
Friday Nights – 6:30PM to 8:00PM

14805 Yellowhead Trail NW

Fee is $14 – Includes a target.

Archery – In the beginning

As a beginning archer, you need bring only yourself to practice. Most archers are quite friendly and willing to share what gear you require to practice. In addition, the Barony has some loaner gear to give you a chance to try out the sport before you have to make an investment. Some of the equipment that you will want to purchase when you become addicted are listed below, along with some suggestions for what to look for in your equipment.

Finger Protection

This is what lets you shoot more than one arrow without wearing your fingers to the bone. You have your choice of finger-tabs, or a shooting glove. Some cultures use a different style of finger protection (such as a thumb-ring used in Asian cultures), but these are rarely found even in the SCA. My personal preference is for a full-fingered glove. This is (usually) a three-fingered glove that covers your index, middle, and ring fingers. Shooting gloves also come with just finger-tip cover, but these have an annoying tendency to come off or get caught on your arrows when drawing them. Alternately, you can use finger-tabs; a piece of leather that hooks over your thumb and is just held in place over your fingers while holding the arrow.

Arm Protection

Bracers come in many shapes and sizes. If you are really good, you may not need to wear one; but when you hit yourself with the bowstring, you will really wish that you had a bracer on. It is up to personal preference as to the type that you prefer, but remember that it must cover your upper forearm – around the area where the bowstring rests when at rest. This is a very important piece of equipment for beginners; until you get your form correct, you will likely be hitting yourself in the arm frequently.


You can practice with arrows made of any material, but SCA-legal arrows are wooden shafts with feather fletchings. They can have any sort of nock, including plastic. Arrows are “spined” for a particular weight of bow, so they will not fly as well if fired from a dramatically stronger or weaker bow.


This is the major purchase for an archer. While you can get a fibre-glass bow for around $60-80, a good bow will run you anywhere up to about $600, depending on what kind of deal you can find. It is a good idea to take the opportunity to try out other people’s bows when you have the chance; this will give you a feel for what draw-weight you would like in your bow. Commonly a long-bow or re-curve will have a pull of between 25 and 45 pounds; choose a weight that is comfortable for you, as your shooting will suffer if you are “over-bowed”, which is using a bow that has too high a draw weight for you.

Recommended places around town for shopping:

  • Wyld Archery Pro Shop
  • Jack Kempf, of Sherwood Park, is an excellent traditional bowyer/fletcher. He carries parts for making your own arrows, or he will fletch them to your specifications.
  • Canadian Tire has a starter set similar to the one listed above, but with a 30-pound bow, for around $80.
  • Calgary Archery Centre has an indoor, 40-yard range, as well as an extensive supply of traditional archery supplies. They even have a considerable selection of traditional bows if you are looking to buy one off the rack

Contact – Master of Arrows

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