The competition to choose a new Baronial Arts and Sciences Champion is held at Silverwolf each year.

Those who want to compete for the championship must have a minimum of three entries. A fourth entry is permitted. All entries will be displayed and judged. The scores of the best three entries will be counted toward the total score.

A Championship competitor must be a resident of Borealis and must have a valid SCA membership. The winner is expected to maintain his/her membership during their tenure as Champion.

A&S Championship competitors may not compete for other Championship at Silverwolf
(i.e. one person may not hold two Baronial Championships at the same time)

Those who do not want to compete for the championship may bring one or two single entries to be displayed and judged.

Each entry must have documentation to accompany it.

A maximum of two entries may be assigned to one item (e.g. a tunic and the embroidery on that tunic) but each entry must have its own documentation.

The entries should be “new” entries. They should not have been entered in another competition and they should have been completed within the past 12 months. The only exception: an item which was entered in a Silverwolf Competition one or two years ago may be re-entered if there has been significant change in the item itself or the documentation accompanying it.

Entries can include sewing, weaving, embroidery, woodworking, metalwork, leatherwork, calligraphy, illumination, cooking/baking, brewing, etc. – anything that is an art or science activity which was practiced between 500 AD and 1600 AD in Europe or in an area which had contact with Europe. Bardic entries (storytelling, singing, drama, etc.) will also be permitted this year (may change in future years).

Championship entrants must send a formal declaration of intent to the Baron and Baroness, the current Baronial A&S Champion and the Baronial A&S officer no later than May 15. Single entrants must inform the A&S Champion and the A&S officer of their intention no later than May 15. There should be a very brief description of each entry (e.g. “Saxon oil lamp” or “Elizabethan embroidered purse”) so suitable judges can be found. If you have specific needs (e.g. access to electricity  or an early judging time) please include this request.

If, after making a declaration of intent, a potential competitor is unable to produce one or more of the entries, he/she is expected to inform the current A&S Champion and the A&S officer as soon as possible.
(Note: the object does not have to be completely finished to be an acceptable entry.)

A judging schedule will be sent to each entrant at least one week before Silverwolf. The entrants  must be available to talk with the judges during their scheduled judging time.

The name of the new A&S Champion will be announced during evening court at Silverwolf.

Any questions about this competition should be directed to the A&S Champion and /or the A&S officer. Questions about the role of the champion may also be directed to the Baron and Baroness.
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