Shire History and Awards

Barons and Baronesses

The crown of An Tir has been represented by:
September 1984 to May 1993: Conrad and Cristiona
June 1993 to June 1994: Rorik and Helena
July 1994 to March 1999: Alfheim and Adeline
April 1999 to January 2001: John Macleod the Black and Kirstin MacBheath
February 2001 to February 2004: Magnus the Hunter and Sidonia Dokianos
November 2005 to2011: Vik Vikingsson and Inga the Unfettered
November 2011 to Present: Reme and Divera

Local Awards

The Decorated Letter - given for outstanding service given to the Barony.
The Wolf's Paw - given for outstanding performance in, or service to, the Arts and Sciences.
The Golden Spoon - given for excellence in the culinary arts and in preparing large feasts.
The Cup of Borealis - given for excellence in persona development. 
Only 1 member of the populace may hold the cup at any given time.
The Brewmeister - given for excellence in the art of brewing, and donation of such to the Baron/Baroness for use as gifts