Groups and House Holds

Medieval Dance Troupe

Practice is every Sunday before fighter practice, and usually at the monthly Tavern. The group will perform at various demos and events.
Contact Catherine of the Rowan Tree

Black Sheep Guild
A fibre arts guild who get together to spin, weave, dye etc.
Contact Alyne of Kendal

Culinary Guild
The Barony of Borealis Culinary Guild is a group dedicated to researching and cooking medieval food. We have a monthly dinner meeting where we get together to discuss feasts and recipes and try out new ideas. We also pool resources for research and meal preparation. One of the main functions of the Culinary Guild is to organize and cook the medieval feasts held in the Barony. These feasts have been recognized as some of the best in An Tir for their authenticity and taste. The guild is open to anyone who wishes to join. All they have to do is contact Coryn of the Woods for information on the next meeting time or contact Jean de Chauliac (Jeffery Payne) to be added to their Facebook page.

Contact Coryn of the Woods

Lost Vikings
The Drinking, Wenching, Bawdy Songster, Fighting household - specializing in unique rum tasting and odd looking cod pieces.

The Huscarles

A band of rapscallions, ruffians and ne’er-do-wells dedicated to chivalry, service and fun. We take pride in developing our personae and medieval crafts with enthusiasm, and in serving our Baroness with honour. We welcome you to our hearthfire; come play with us!