Silver Wolf Meal Plan and Feast Menu

($15, Prepared by HL Arwyn of Leicester, 100 person max)

First Remove – A Soup for the Qan, China

Second Remove – Qutab or Sanbusa (like a samosa), India

Third Remove – Bread, India
Zabarbada of Fresh Cheese, Middle Eastern

Fourth Remove – Madira (chicken with yogurt), Middle Eastern
Mukarraka (chicken livers and gizzards), Middle Eastern
Herb tart, Italy
Almôndegas (Pork Meat Balls), Spain
Arroz en Cazuela al Horno (Oven Baked Rice Casserole), Spain

Fifth Remove – Apple Fritter, English
Custard Tart, English
*menu subject to change

**If you have any dietary restrictions, please contact Arwyn at
DO NOT email to make feast pre-registrations.

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