Silver Wolf Championship Competitions

Each year the Barony of Borealis chooses new champions to represent the heavy fighters, the rapier fighters, the archers, the bardics and the artisans of our barony.

Silver Wolf Championship - Invitation

Silver Wolf Championship 2014 - Details

Silver Wolf Championship 2014 - A&S

Silver Wolf Championship 2014 - Feast

The competitions for the Heavy Champion and Rapier Champion are very popular spectator tournaments as the noise of combat and cheering attracts attention! The competition for Archery Champion is usually harder to find because the shooting must happen in a safe area away from other activities. Spectators are always welcome behind the firing line.

Photo Album - Silver Wolf 2014

The Competition for Arts and Sciences (A&S) Champion usually happens indoors, in a quiet corner where display tables are set up. It's easy to overlook, especially because talkative spectators are unwelcome during the judging sessions. However visitors are strongly encouraged to walk by and look at the displays, and to ask questions of the entrants who just love to tell all!

If there is a competition for Bardic Champion going on, it too will be in an out of the way place, where the performers can give it their best without interuptions.

Names of the new Barional Champions will be announced during the evening court at Silverwolf. The Champions will receive regalia which they are encouraged to wear and/or carry at Barioial events. They are asked to attend the Baron and Baroness during court. They do not have to pay a site fee at Barionial events.

The duties of the Champions vary, but they are encouraged to promote their area of expertise.
At the end of their year they are expected to organize the competition that will choose their successor. Anyone who has been a Baronial Champion will tell you that it's a really positive experience, and a great stepping stone to Kingdom level competitions!


Champions of 2013

  • Heavy Fighter Champion Seumas Einarsson
  • Rapier Champion Mika Machiavell
  • Archery Champion Ro-Bear
  • A&S Champion Cynewulf Torynsskald
  • Bardic Champion Cassia Machiavelli

Champions of 2012

  • Heavy Fighter Champion Eric Shaverson
  • Rapier Champion Tobias Lamonte
  • Archery Champion Somerled of Ballindoren
  • A&S Champion Galeana Machiavelli
  • Bardic Champion Cassia Machiavelli