Silver Wolf Championship Invitation

Greetings unto Our populace of Borealis,

As Silverwolf is fast approaching we would like to extend our official welcome to all participants who are vying to become "Champion" ; in the disciplines of either Heavy, Rapier, Archery or A&S. We only ask that those vying for Silverwolf Champion agree to the following:

1) Have a paid membership in the SCA and maintain the same during their tenure as a Champion of Borealis

2) For all fighting disciplines; have a valid authorization card in their field and maintain this during their tenure as Champion of Borealis.

3) All successful champions will arrange the war point scenarios in their discipline for Winter War.

4) All successful champions will in ones years' time arrange a tournament to find their successor.

5) Live and play within the borders of Borealis

We remind participants that with fame comes responsibility as we are looking for a champion that will have a presence in the game by being a leader and a mentor in their discipline.

We look forward to seeing you all at Silverwolf - Traveling down the Silk Road.

Reme & Divera
Baron & Baroness of Borealis

Silver Wolf Championship 2014 - Details

Silver Wolf Championship 2014 - Feast

Silver Wolf Championship 2014 - A&S

Silver Wolf Championship - Overview

  • Heavy Fighter Champion - Eric Shaverson
  • Rapier Champion Tobias Lamonte
  • Archery Champion Somerled of Ballindoren
  • A&S Champion - Galeana Machiavelli
  • Bardic Champion Cassia Machiavelli