Winter War MMXV

Hear the Battle Cry of War! 
Borealis asks you, “Are you friend or foe?”

Join the Barony of Borealis in a day filled with martial combat and other activities as we go to War. 


When: March 20th.. - 22nd. 2015
Where: 4513 50 Ave, Wetaskawin

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War Points: These will be awarded in Heavy, Rapier, Archery, Arts& Sciences and Bardic competitions.

Young people’s events, including youth combat, will also contribute to war points. Details on scenarios will be posted on the lists. Other war points will include volunteering contributions and a secret war point.

Event Steward: Fergus Torynsson and Kora Kendal (Murray and Athena MacGregor)

Fees: Adults $15, youth 12-17 $Free, A $5 NMS applies to all adults who do not show proof of Membership.

Make cheques payable to SCA-Barony of Borealis.

Site: Wetaskawin Drill Hall, 4513 50 Ave, Wetaskawin, AB T9A 1L2.

Site opens at 7:00pm Friday March 21st and closes 10:00am Sunday morning.
Showers are available on site. There is no extra charge for overnight camping Friday & Saturday night, but some assistance with set-up and clean-up is expected. (Take down by 8:00 am each morning).


8:30 am – 9:30am             Introduction to SCA and Winter War
9:00 am – 11:00am           Archery
10:00 am                           Rapier Armour Inspection
11:00 am – 1:00 pm          Rapier War
1:00 pm                             Youth Armoured Combat Practice
1:00 pm                             Heavy Armour Inspection
2:00 pm – 5:00pm             Heavy War
5:30 pm                             Pot Luck Dinner
7:30 pm                             Court

After court will be Dancing & Socializing … until the wee hours!

During the day A&S and Bardic activities will be happening for War Points.

There is also be Family Activities happening in the Family Activities Tent.

Note: If you are planning to attend Winter War and are bringing any children that don’t rightfully belong to you please make sure that you bring the necessary authorization forms with you as entry without them will NOT be permitted. Please review the An Tir website for the PDF fill & print forms.

The Winter War feast will be POTLUCK!

Every family group or individual who wants to be part of this feast is asked to bring something to share. To avoid having too much of one kind of food and not enough of another we suggest you choose a dish according to the first letter of your modern surname:

A - G - Bread and spreads (butter, cheese, hummus, etc.)
H - M - Salads and veggies
N - S - Rice, pasta, pickles, nuts, dried fruit
T - Z - Desserts

How much food? Imagine that no one else brought any food and you (or your group) had to make do with the food you brought. Would there be enough to satisfy you? If the answer is "yes" then that's enough food. (In the past the guideline has been "bring enough for 4-6 servings" which also works but assumes that a single person will bring as much as a family of six.)

What kind of food? Something that looks medieval if possible, but if it's a choice between yummy modern food or questionable medieval fare you know which one is preferred! Please make sure the food is "ready to serve" when it is brought to the buffet table.

The Borealis Culinary Guild will be providing hot meat dishes. There should be plenty for all!

Merchants are welcome however space is limited.
Please contact Joan - email to reserve your place.

From North or South Hwy 2A into Wetaskawin.
Turn east on 50th Avenue, go about 1.5km to the exhibition grounds.
From East or West take Hwy 13 into town turn south on 56 Street (Hwy 2A) and follow above directions.